Tech Trek is a one-week STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) summer camp designed to develop interest, excitement, and self-confidence in young women who will enter eighth grade in the fall. It features hands-on activities in math, science, and related fields.

 The first Tech Trek was held the summer of 1998 at Stanford University. Tech Trek 1999 expanded to include a camp in San Diego. Today AAUW Tech Trek operates at 22 different sites around the nation. 

In San Diego, Tech Trek girls attend a week-long camp on the UCSD campus where they live the life of a college student. They learn to live with someone other than a relative, eat dorm food and explore the campus area under the careful supervision of camp staff. The girls will also interact with women who model a high degree of science, math or computer expertise as part of their daily lives. They learn Physics via the roller coaster, tour a facility on robotics, study Astronomy, learn about Great Women in History, find DNA, and study marine biology with a boat trip on the bay.

If you would like more information on Tech Trek, please contact our Tech Trek Chair.