February General meeting

  Saturday, February 18 , 2023

  10:30 A.M.

   on ZOOM (link will be emailed Feb. 16)





Dr. William G. Luhr

Dr. William G. Luhr is Professor of English  at St. Peter’s University and is a widely published film scholar. For more than twenty years he has served as Co-Chair of the Columbia University Seminar on Cinema and Interdisciplinary Interpretation. He has published two books on the films of Blake Edwards, one on films based on Raymond Chandler’s books and several others.

Bill is co-author of Thinking About Movies: Watching, Questioning, Enjoying, the text book used in most introductory film courses, now in its fourth edition. He is most sought after, perhaps, for his expertise in the area of film noir. Among Bill’s monographs are Film Noir, The Maltese Falcon, and World Cinema Since 1945. Professor Luhr also is editor of The Coen Brothers’ Fargo and has contributed essays to Headline Hollywood: A Century of Film Scandal and The Wiley-Blackwell History of American Film. His speaking engagements include those at the Pordenone Film Festival in Italy; Hong Kong Baptist University, where he spoke about film noir; and elsewhere within the U.S. and beyond.

Dr. Luhr’s presentation for our branch, Oscars: SO WHAT? The Academy Awards and the Constantly-Changing Industry They Champion, should be fun and informative and get us all in the mood for the biggest night of the year in Hollywood : Sunday, March 12!

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January General meeting

  Saturday, January 21, 2032

  10:30 A.M.

   North University Community Library
8820 Judicial Dr., San Diego 9212





Jim Lantry, Chocolatier

The Craft Chocolate movement is in the same place that craft beer was 30 years ago and appeals to the same customer base. Unlike mass produced chocolates, craft chocolate takes advantage of the unique characteristics of cacao grown in different parts of the world.

Often times like wine, cacao grown in farms just a mile apart can have very different flavors and characteristics. The craft chocolate maker works with farmers to insure that the cacao is properly harvested, fermented and dried. Cacao farmers partnering with craft chocolate makers value quality over quantity and are paid a fair sustainable price for their crop, sometimes as much as fives times the cost of “commodity” cacao from West Africa where 60% of all worldwide cacao is grown.

Unlike most chocolatiers who use commercially available chocolate for their products, craft chocolate makers roast and grind the cacao themselves. In this way they are able to control the final product. Craft chocolate is also known as “Bean to Bar” and “Bean toB on” to reflect the entire process.

San Diego native and former lobbyist Jim Lantry has founded Seabreeze Craft Chocolates, a new chocolate factory and retail store in Carmel Valley. Their grand opening was December 10th. Jim serves as the head Chocolate Maker and Chocolatier. He will be talking to us about the history of chocolate in America, the process of making craft chocolate and how it differs from commercial mass-produced chocolate we all know. He will also share some samples of Seabreeze Craft Chocolates!